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There were many crises faced by the world during the pandemic, but we the world during the pandemic, but we “Stay Book” as a brand refused to give up. At this point in time, we changed the work strategy and looked in for a business that should be ethically considered best practice. Thereby, we had a deal with a group booking of “Lady Hardinge Medical  college,” which we felt incredibly proud of. The reason being, they are usually the “first responders,” and helping a “Doctors” group was literally extremely satisfying. Not only this, but our business never  topped even in the lockdown situation. We generated a revenue of over and around 1.25 Crores in the entire 8 months of lockdown.


Our goal is to create consistent and reliable offerings that care about the lavish rooms at the best locations and great prices. Over a while, we have expanded across the city, specifically in Central Delhi “PaharGanj."In terms of the statistics of a particular hotel that we are working on, the year turned out to be a huge success. We generated a revenue of more than 13 Lacs in just a total of 27 rooms. Our business still continued to grow as took the business of another hotel that is generating a revenue of 8 Lacs a month.

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If you'd love staying in a unique hotel as opposed to the average boring hotels one usually end up staying in if you're a budget traveler, you need to stay at this gem!
Emily Stan
Jyoti Mahal is the place I always go to when I arrive in India. It is comfortable, clean, the decorations are Bollywood-fantastic, and the staff is friendly and offers great service. I bring people to India several times a year and I always bring them to this hotel because is a great place rest well and get a good first Indian impression, without it being too shocking (Indian guest houses can be very different from what western people are accustomed to). The location is perfect, in the great neighborhood of Paharganj where you can take your first immersions in Delhi. I highly recommend it, to me, Jyoti Mahal is like home, and Ramul Dogra and Bimal sure do a great job making it feel that way.
Julie Robinson
We really enjoyed our stay at this gorgeous hotel - the service and security was excellent, the rooms were spacious, the bed was ultra comfortable... sigh, miss it already just thinking about it.
Morgan Jonathan
location of the property just awsome walking distance from rk ashram metro amazing hotel parking facility was really nice . Danish Bhai was so co operative and helpful person Keep it up It was a great stay thanks🎉🎉👌🏻
James Brook

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